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technical implementation

there is no cost to implement.

we get you started with a serial implementation in order to minimize any disruption to your core business. doing it one step at a time allows you to spread out the time required of your staff and makes for a seamless transition.

a simple set of forms might take 3-5 days; a complex workflow may take 1-2 weeks. the size of your company is a good indicator of where it may fall in this spectrum.


1. send us samples of your forms

phase i: your first form (e.g. credentialing) allow 3-5 days

we would need the following time from your it contact, in a web meeting environment:

2. data mapping and network topology <4 hours

3. link insertion <4 hours

we are very sensitive to your staff resource allocation. the rest of the process requires none of your staff’s time because our technology staff handles: implementation, testing, and release.

phase ii: remaining document workflows allow 1 to 2 weeks

for example, authorizations, assessments, billing, claims, sales orders, change orders, etc.

phase ii is made easier because we’re already familiar with your network. your it contact will need time in web meetings with us to answer additional questions:

4. data mapping and network topology <4 hours
5. link insertion <4 hours

as above, the following requires none of your staff’s time because our technology staff handles: implementation, testing, and release

technical support

proforma will provide all necessary day-to-day technical support to maintain its service at no additional cost to first sun.

created documents

proforma will create and send any document requested by first sun. documents will by sent by facsimile, postal mail or electronically, according to your instructions.

received documents

any of your documents sent by proforma service can be returned to proforma by facsimile, postal mail or electronically. proforma will maintain a post office box for first sun for return of all postal mail. proforma will also maintain a dedicated fax line for all of your inbound faxes. you select the area code of the inbound fax line. all inbound documents will be scanned by proforma and converted to pdf files and are accessible right in your existing case management software.

document kiosk

first sun will have access to the proforma document kiosk for the creation and viewing of documents, and account administration.

data extraction

proforma’s operations staff will utilize optical character recognition (ocr) technology to extract data from any form requested by first sun

document storage

proforma will store an electronic copy of all of your created and received documents. documents will be backed up nightly in the proforma data center as well as at a secondary location. you can choose to receive copies of these backups at any time.


our server farm was deployed in a dedicated secure environment at a hipaa-compliant commercial data center with 24/7 video monitoring, badge access, physical cage security, and biometric entry. a duplicate of the system has been deployed at another geographically-distant data center managed by a second web application web host. based on that infrastructure, proforma has secure vpn based auto-synchronization software safeguarding data between these two servers to ensure that in the event one site should go down due to major service outage, the other site could pick up almost immediately.

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did you know?

estimates are that u.s. companies spend approximately $100 billion each year to print and manage office documents.

- source: international data corporation (idc)

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