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think of proforma as the most efficient administrative staff member you’ve ever had. once you’ve interviewed us and like what you see, sign up for your 90-day free trial [make this a link to the free trial page] . [return]

proforma is a professional, results driven, independent, and confidential team-player with a winning attitude and incredible attention to detail.

proforma is your document powerhouse.

it sends & receives your documents by e-mail, fax or mail with a push of a button in the comfort of your existing software (any platform!). we’re invisible to your clients, customers, or providers. it digitizes your received documents. they are instantly viewable images as pdf files in your existing system. no more filing cabinets -- documents are one click away. and there’s no more data entry. it extracts data from incoming documents using our sophisticated scanning technologies. the data is then securely downloaded into your system.

experts in our field

we have delivered document management solutions to: wells fargo bank, intel, american express, charles schwab, mci, prodigy, cellular one, universal studios, claremont, nbc, and general electric.

what’s the roi?

we are less than $4 for each document’s full lifecycle. this is the equivalent of about 11 minutes of a $20/hr employee’s time. what can someone do in 11 minutes? maybe they can prepare a document. but do they have time to do all the data entry, scan it, file it, digitize it, save it, attach it, insert it into your document management system as a viewable pdf, back it up to a secure location, etc?

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we want to take you from “ok, it works” to “wow, what a difference!” we’re confident once you experience working with proforma, you won’t want to go back to business as usual. but if for any reason we don’t live up to your expectations, our agreement has a 90-day probation period. after 90 days, we can either completely restore things how they were, or you can continue with us. there is no risk and you’re under no obligation.

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there is no cost for implementation. it’s easy. best of all, our team does all the work.

step one: review/approve your forms
step two: we review your database/network topology and insert links to proforma

step three: we test the system. you’re ready to go!

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did you know?

80% of knowledge workers’ activities are supported by documents and 90% of customer communications take place through documents.

- source: xerox

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