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solving real problems

proforma was born out of a conversation over lunch among a group of health care executives. everybody was experiencing the same problem - piles of paper that seemingly could not be eliminated. the workflows were frustrating, the data entry costs were increasing, and yet the health care providers wouldn't give up their paper. someone said, "couldn't we give up our paper, but let the providers keep theirs?" the technology guy thought for a few moments, and said, "we can do it." and now you can do it, too.

automating your system

we automate large scale systems that were once inefficiently bound to human interaction. we digitize the lifecycle of a document. data entry is gone, filing is gone, scanning is gone. proforma integrates with your current database, whatever it might be, and makes it completely paperless. this streamlines your work flow, will save you in dollars, and allows for a more efficient system. the three principals in the company have more than 60 years of experience in health care and technology. their experience, commitment, and vision drive proforma's ambition to become the standard in document management services across a variety of industries.

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did you know?

the sheer amount of information requiring processing will grow at a rate of 200% per year.

- according to the yankee group,
a research organization

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