proforma for healthcareproforma for healthcare

drowning in paper?

if your office is drowning in paper, or you are spending time manually entering data from paper forms to a computer application, you need proforma.

the problem with paper documents

• lack of integration with a data system.
• filing and access of received documents is cumbersome.
• no option to send documents electronically.
• data entry errors.
• disaster recovery is non-existent.
• high postage expense.
• fax machines are finicky.

the solution: digitization
• automated document filing and retrieval.
• dramatically improved data entry accuracy.
• personalized communication (e-mail, fax or mail)
• secure document storage.

proforma was developed for the health care industry, and is being used with great success by several companies. proforma’s service, however, has applications for legal firms, construction companies, third party administrators, and other industries.

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