proforma for healthcare

proforma for healthcare

drowning in paper?

if your office is drowning in paper, or your staff is spending time doing data entry, you need proforma.

proforma was developed for the health care industry, and is being used with great success by companies in several industries. proforma’s service has applications for legal firms, construction companies, sales organizations, manufacturing, third party administrators, and other industries.


proforma is a revolutionary new document management service that will make your office paperless. workflows that were once inefficiently bound to human interaction are now completely automated. proforma customers eliminate 35-60% of their existing document management costs.

simply put - we digitize the entire lifecycle of a document. data entry is gone, filing is gone, scanning is gone.

the three principals in the company have more than 60 years of experience in health care and technology. their experience, commitment, and vision drive proforma's ambition to become the standard in document management services across a variety of industries.


employee assistance programs face significant document workflow challenges. these challenges stem from several factors such as distance from providers, multiple service and administrative locations, and a technology-resistant provider network. the results are greatly decreased productivity and inefficient processes. in this economic environment, cutting document workflow costs, eliminating inefficiencies, and enhancing productivity are fundamental components of a successful business. needs to be able to send and receive documents flexibly, according to the preference of their valuable provider network. also, there have been significant investments in the case management systems . and, for the most part, these systems work well – except when it comes to managing offline documents. proforma solves these problems.

the problem with paper documents

• filing documents is cumbersome and time consuming.
• finding received documents can be a project itself.
• the workflow is inefficient.
• lack of integration with a data system.
• no option to send documents electronically.
• lost or misfiled documents.
• data entry errors.
• disaster recovery is non-existent.
• high postage expense.
• machines are finicky – time is lost to jams, toner, etc.

the solution: digitization
• automated document filing and retrieval.
• dramatically improved data entry accuracy.
• personalized communication (e-mail, fax or mail)
• secure document storage.


proforma integrates with and makes it completely paperless. this streamlines your work flow, will save you in dollars, and allows for a more efficient system. here’s how proforma becomes your document powerhouse.

blue dot we send & receive your documents by e-mail, fax or mail with a push of a button in your current or remotely using our
on-line kiosk. we’re invisible to the provider.
blue dot we digitize your received documents. they are instantly viewable as pdf files in or our on-line kiosk. no more filing
cabinets -- documents are one click away.
blue dot we extract data from incoming documents using our sophisticated scanning technologies. the data is then securely
downloaded into . it’s instant data entry. we’re easy to implement. there’s minimal set-up with no fees. there’s no
software or hardware to purchase. there are no per-seat charges. training takes minutes!
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did you know?

only about 10% of actual document costs are ever exposed by an assessment, which means that 90% of document-related expense is being overlooked.

- according to infotrends, a noted document industry research firm.

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