proforma for healthcareproforma for healthcare

assisting with special challenges

managed care companies and employee assistance programs (mcc / eaps) face special challenges when it comes to documents. network providers are notoriously low-tech. in fact, a proforma study demonstrated that 40% of all clinical providers could only send / receive documents via mail, 40% via fax, and 20% via e-mail. this trend does not seem to be changing.

send & receive documents flexibly

mcc / eaps need to be able to send and receive documents flexibly, according to the preference of their valuable provider network. also, mcc / eaps have significant investments in their case management data systems. and, for the most part, these systems work well – except when it comes to managing documents. proforma solves these problems.

with proforma, mcc / eaps can:

  blue dot send and receive authorization, assessment, billing and other forms by e-mail, fax or mail, depending on provider preference. documents can be sent from any case management system with the click of a mouse.
  blue dot view all incoming forms (e.g. treatment plan, billing, etc.) from providers as pdf files directly from an existing case management system.
  blue dot extract data for secure downloading into an existing system. this can include billing, client satisfaction, outcomes, and other quantitative data.
  blue dot maintain full compliance with hipaa.
  blue dot maintain secure, off-site document storage and disaster recovery preparedness.

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