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what a typical print, copy & fax infrastructure really costs1

scenario: office of 50 employees

on average, this typical configuration costs $1,722 per month in hard costs, and that doesn't include the associated productivity costs. to compound the pain, this configuration isn't necessarily balanced and may not meet employee needs.

hard costs $1,722 per month1

typically, an office of 50 employees uses up to 18 devices to manage print, copy and fax activities:

- 11 printers -- 1 for every 4.4 employees
- 2 copiers -- 1 for every 24 employees
- 5 fax machines -- 1 for every 10 employees
- and this doesn’t take into consideration the necessary computers, servers, and network configuration required to run these systems.

productivity costs $9,329 per month2

- creating and sending documents
- receiving and filing documents
- document access and retrieval
- data entry
- time spent retrieving copies from printers, copiers, and fax machines
- time spent clearing paper jams, resending faxes, and performing other trouble shooting tasks
- time spent changing cartridges and performing other routine maintenance tasks
- time lost working with difficult to use devices
- time spent duplicating, collating, and binding documents
- time spent walking from one device to another to copy a printed or faxed document.
- time lost due to device down time


1 from the hewlett packard website,

2 from the cbs document management cost case study, dec. 2000-feb. 2001

cost benefit

did you know?

only about 10% of actual document costs are ever exposed by an assessment, which means that 90% of document-related expense is being overlooked.

- source: infotrends

the average company spends 6% of annual revenues on the hard costs of document production (assets, consumables, service and support).

- source: infotrends

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