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prior to implementing proforma, claremont eap conducted a study to determine its document management costs. this study, completed in february 2001, demonstrated to claremont executives that document management costs were significantly higher than previously thought.

► 2000: annual document management without proforma = $77,000

  • $2.50 per document sent
          - task time & work disruption
          - postage expense
          - materials expense

  • $7.25 per claim received
          - data entry
          - filing

  • $1.25 per document accessed

► 2007: annual document management cost with proforma = $28,000

as a result of implementing proforma, claremont was able to realize a 64% reduction in document management costs. claremont was able to cut two ftes. they chose to repurpose those staff members from administrative duties to perform value-added, customer-facing tasks. providers love it, because they received documents by the method most convenient to them. documents are never lost, are never misfiled, and are always instantly accessible.

cost benefit

did you know?

one simple intra-company form can cost a company over $150 per form to process. this includes labor and materials for printing, storing, filling out, receiving approval, and entering the information into the business system.

- according to a study funded by microsoft

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